Monkeyglove was born out of a love for Skateboarding. The good times and the bad (it can be dangerous on the board and behind the lens). Monkeyglove is about good times with your friends, travelling and making new one’s along the way. I first started messing around with video, three VCR’s jumping between stop play & record in a very punk diy style editing in the early 1990’s. Later progressing to 8mm and then DV tape camcorders. Filming my friends as we skated. Then in the mid to late 2000’s I decided to move to a DSLR camera after first picking up my late fathers 35mm film camera many years ago back in the late 1980’s when I first started to fall in love with skateboarding. I like the fun of always learning in photography and taking one shot, never a burst (unless its for a required sequence). You have to get that shot just at the right time or you have nothing at all. Something rewarding about that, which feels good and can feel really bad, if you miss out. So moving to the present day, although my roots are in skateboarding as you can see I like to take photos of lots of different subjects showcased in my portfolio.

If you want to contact me about your project please e-mail. reach out and say Hi, with a brief overview of what you are looking to achieve.

I have worked for Clown Skateboards, Blast Skateboards, Moonshine Skateboards, and had images in print for Confusion magazine, theskateboarderscompanion, Doggpiss & Hangup as well as the online version of Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine. I was also assisting a friend with photography at the house of vans London (until lockdown put a hold on things)

I am also featured in the Rom Boys documentary 40 years of RAD released 13/10/2020

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