Concussion Magazine – Straight to the Bottom (trailer)

Cheers Bubba!

Concussion Magazine’s Straight to the Bottom: A full length feature skate video plus five bonus parts including an 8mm film shot and edited by Steve Bailey. Spots… a fuck load of pools, the DIY parks, a coupel of ramps and weird shit we like. Featuring: Pete the Ox, Royce Nelson, Tony Farmer, Roberto Alemañ, Nolan Johnson, Punker Mtt, Peter Gunn, Bart Steed, Jack Given, Screech, Josh Snyder, Mad Mike, Hitz & Navs, Jimmy the Greek, Max Holbein, the Felem Crew. With: Adam Morgan, Tyler Mumma, Zarosh, Craig Whitehead, Dirt, Raven, Sparrow, Tanner Zelinsky, Demon, Danger, Ryan Wilburn, Rune Glifburg, Mouth, Chet Childress, Maru, Steve Reeves, Jason D., Dude Crew James, and a bunch more fucking randoms….

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